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Air Elemental Ancestral Recall Animate Artifact Blue Elemental Blast Braingeyser Clone Control Magic Copy Artifact Counterspell Creature Bond Drain Power Feedback Flight Invisibility Jump Lifetap Lord of Atlantis Magical Hack Mahamoti Djinn Mana Short Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Phantasmal Forces Phantasmal Terrain Phantom Monster Pirate Ship Power Leak Power Sink Prodigal Sorcerer Psionic Blast Psychic Venom Sea Serpent Siren's Call Sleight of Mind Spell Blast Stasis Steal Artifact Thoughtlace Time Walk Timetwister Twiddle Unsummon Vesuvan Dopperganger Volcanic Eruption Wall of Air Wall of Water Water Elemental
Animate Dead Bad Moon Black Knight Bog Wraith Contract from Below Cursed Land Dark Ritual Darkpact Deathgrip Deathlace Demonic Attorney Demonic Hordes Demonic Tutor Drain Life Drudge Skeletons Evil Presence Fear Frozen Shade Gloom Howl from Beyond Hypnotic Specter Lich Lord of the Pit Mind Twist Nether Shadow Nettling Imp Nightmare Paralyze Pestilence Plague Rats Raise Dead Royal Assassin Sacrifice Scathe Zombies Scavenging Ghoul Sengir Vampire Simulacrum Sinkhole Terror Unholy Strength Wall of Bone Warp Artifact Weakness Will-O'-The-Wisp Word of Command Zombie Master
Burrowing Chaoslace Disintegrate Dragon Whelp Dwarven Demolition Team Dwarven Warriors Earth Elemental Earthbind Earthquake False Orders Fire Elemental Fireball Firebreathing Flashfires Fork Goblin Balloon Brigade Goblin King Granite Gargoyle Gray Ogre Hill Giant Hurloon Minotaur Ironclaw Orcs Keldon Warlord Lightning Bolt Mana Flare Manabarbs Mons's Goblin Raiders Orcish Artillery Orcish Oriflamme Power Surge Raging River Red Elemental Blast Roc of Kher Ridges Rock Hydra Sedge Troll Shatter Shivan Dragon Smoke Stone Giant Stone Rain Tunnel Two-Headed Giant of Foriys Uthden Troll Wall of Fire Wall of Stone Wheel of Fortune
Aspect of Wolf Berserk Birds of Paradise Camouflage Channel Cockatrice Craw Wurm Elvish Archers Fastbond Fog Force of Nature Fungusaur Gaea's Liege Giant Growth Giant Spider Grizzly Bears Hurricane Ice Storm Instill Energy Ironroot Treefolk Kudzu Ley Druid Lifeforce Lifelace Living Artifact Living Lands Llanowar Elves Lure Natural Selection Regeneration Regrowth Scryb Sprites Shanodin Dryads Stream of Life Thicket Basilisk Timber Wolves Tranquility Tsunami Verduran Enchantress Wall of Brambles Wall of Ice Wall of Wood Wanderlust War Mammoth Web Wild Growth
Ankh of Mishra Basalt Monolith Black Lotus Black Vise Celestial Prism Chaos Orb Clockwork Beast Conservator Copper Tablet Crystal Rod Cyclopean Tomb Dingus Egg Disrupting Scepter Forcefield Gauntlet of Might Glasses of Urza Helm of Chatzuk The Hive Howling Mine Icy Manipulator Illusionary Mask Iron Star Ivory Cup Jade Monolith Jade Statue Jayemdae Tome Juggernaut Kormus Bell Library of Leng Living Wall Mana Vault Meekstone Mox Emerald Mox Jet Mox Pearl Mox Ruby Mox Sapphire Nevinyrral's Disk Obsianus Golem Rod of Ruin Sol Ring Soul Net Sunglasses of Urza Throne of Bone Time Vault Winter Orb Wooden Sphere
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