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Abyssal Specter Animate Dead Ashes to Ashes Bad Moon Black Knight Blight Bog Imp Bog Rats Bog Wraith Breeding Pit Broken Visage Carrion Ants Cloak of Confusion Cursed Land Dark Ritual Deathgrip Derelor Drain Life Drudge Skeletons Erg Raiders Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Evil Presence Fallen Angel Fear Frozen Shade Funeral March Gloom Greater Werewolf Hecatomb Howl from Beyond Initiates of the Ebon Hand Kjeldoran Dead Knight of Stromgald Krovikan Fetish Leshrac's Rite Lord of the Pit Lost Soul Mind Ravel Mind Warp Mindstab Thrull Mole Worms Murk Dwellers Necrite Necropotence Nether Shadow Nightmare Paralyze Pestilence Pit Scorpion Plague Rats Pox Rag Man Raise Dead Scathe Zombies Sengir Autocrat Sorceress Queen Stromgald Cabal Terror Thrull Retainer Torture Touch of Death Unholy Strength Vampire Bats Wall of Bone Warp Artifact Weakness The Wretched Xenic Poltergeist Zombie Master
Ambush Party Atog Ball Lightning Bird Maiden Blood Lust Brassclaw Orcs Brothers of Fire The Brute Cave People Conquer Crimson Manticore Detonate Disintegrate Dwarven Catapult Dwarven Soldier Dwarven Warriors Earthquake Errantry Eternal Warrior Fire Drake Fireball Firebreathing Flame Spirit Flare Flashfires Game of Chaos Giant Strength Goblin Digging Team Goblin Hero Goblin King Goblin War Drums Goblin Warrens Hill Giant Hurloon Minotaur Imposing Visage Incinerate Inferno Ironclaw Curse Ironclaw Orcs Jokulhaups Keldon Warlord Mana Clash Mana Flare Manabarbs Mons's Goblin Raiders Mountain Goat Orcish Artillery Orcish Captain Orcish Conscripts Orcish Farmer Orcish Oriflamme Orcish Squatters Orgg Panic Primordial Ooze Pyroblast Pyrotechnics Sabretooth Tiger Shatter Shatterstorm Shivan Dragon Smoke Stone Giant Stone Rain Stone Spirit Wall of Fire Wall of Stone Winds of Change Word of Blasting
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