Angry Mob Blood of the Martyr Brainwash Cleansing Dust to Dust Exorcist Fasting Festival Fire and Brimstone Holy Light Knights of Thorn Martyr's Cry Miracle Worker Morale Pikemen Preacher Squire Tivadar's Crusade Witch Hunter
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Ashes to Ashes Banshee Bog Imp Bog Rats Curse Artifact Eater of the Dead The Fallen Frankenstein's Monster Grave Robbers Inquisition Marsh Gas Murk Dwellers Nameless Race Rag Man Season of the Witch Uncle Istvan Word of Binding Worms of the Earth
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Dark Heart of the Wood Marsh Goblins Scarwood Goblins
Barl's Cage Bone Flute Book of Rass Coal Golem Dark Sphere Diabolic Machine Fellwar Stone Fountain of Youth Living Armor Necropolis Reflecting Mirror Runesword Scarecrow Skull of Orm Standing Stones Stone Calendar Tormod's Crypt Tower of Coireall Wand of Ith War Barge
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