Archon of Justice Ballynock Trapper Cenn's Enlistment Endless Horizons Endure Flickerwisp Hallowed Burial Kithkin Spellduster Kithkin Zealot Light from Within Loyal Gyrfalcon Patrol Signaler Recumbent Bliss Spirit of the Hearth Springjack Shepherd Suture Spirit
Batwing Brume Beckon Apparition Bloodied Ghost Cauldron Haze Deathbringer Liege Divinity of Pride Edge of the Divinity Evershrike Gwyllion Hedge-Mage Harvest Gwyllion Nightsky Mimic Nip Gwyllion Pyrrhic Revival Restless Apparition Stillmoon Cavalier Unmake Voracious Hatchling
Ashling, the Extinguisher Creakwood Ghoul Crumbling Ashes Lingering Tormentor Merrow Bonegnawer Necroskitter Needle Specter Nightmare Incursion Raven's Crime Smoldering Butcher Soot Imp Soul Reap Soul Snuffers Syphon Life Talara's Bane Umbra Stalker
Canker Abomination Cankerous Thirst Creakwood Liege Deity of Scars Desecrator Hag Doomgape Drain the Well Gift of the Deity Hag Hedge-Mage Noxious Hatchling Odious Trow Quillspike Rendclaw Trow Sapling of Colfenor Stalker Hag Woodlurker Mimic Worm Harvest
Aerie Ouphes Bloom Tender Duskdale Wurm Helix Pinnacle Marshdrinker Giant Monstrify Nettle Sentinel Phosphorescent Feast Primalcrux Regal Force Savage Conception Swirling Spriggan Talara's Battalion Tilling Treefolk Twinblade Slasher Wickerbough Elder
Cold-Eyed Selkie Fable of Wolf and Owl Favor of the Overbeing Gilder Bairn Grazing Kelpie Groundling Pouncer Invert the Skies Murkfiend Liege Overbeing of Myth Selkie Hedge-Mage Shorecrasher Mimic Slippery Bogle Snakeform Spitting Image Sturdy Hatchling Trapjaw Kelpie Wistful Selkie
Banishing Knack Cache Raiders Dream Fracture Dream Thief Glamerdye Glen Elendra Archmage Idle Thoughts Indigo Faerie Inundate Merrow Levitator Oona's Grace Razorfin Abolisher Sanity Grinding Talonrend Wake Thrasher Wilderness Hypnotist
Call the Skybreaker Clout of the Dominus Crackleburr Crag Puca Dominus of Fealty Inside Out Mindwrack Liege Mirror Sheen Noggle Bandit Noggle Bridgebreaker Noggle Hedge-Mage Noggle Ransacker Nucklavee Riverfall Mimic Shrewd Hatchling Stream Hopper Unnerving Assault
Chaotic Backlash Cinder Pyromancer Deurgar Cave-Guard Fiery Bombardment Flame Jab Hatchet Bully Hateflayer Heartlash Cinder Hotheaded Giant Impelled Giant Outrage Shaman Puncture Blast Rekindled Flame Stigma Lasher Thunderblust Unwilling Recruit
Balefire Liege Battlegate Mimic Belligerent Hatchling Double Cleave Duergar Assailant Duergar Hedge-Mage Duergar Mine-Captain Figure of Destiny Fire at Will Hearthfire Hobgoblin Hobgoblin Dragoon Moonhold Nobilis of War Rise of the Hobgoblins Scourge of the Nobilis Spitemare Waves of Aggression
Antler Skulkin Shell Skulkin Fang Skulkin Jawbone Skulkin Hoof Skulkin
Altar Golem Leering Emblem Scarecrone Ward of Bones
Fetid Heath Twilight Mire Flooded Grove Cascade Bluffs Rugged Prairie
Springjack Pasture