Adarkar Unicorn Arctic Foxes Arenson's Aura Armor of Faith Battle Cry Black Scarab Blessed Wine Blinking Spirit Blue Scarab Call to Arms Caribou Range Circle of Protection: Black Circle of Protection: Blue Circle of Protection: Green Circle of Protection: Red Circle of Protection: White Cold Snap Cooperation Death Ward Disenchant Drought Elvish Healer Enduring Renewal Energy Storm Formation Fylgja General Jarkeld Green Scarab Hallowed Ground Heal Hipparion Justice Kelsinko Ranger Kjeldoran Elite Guard Kjeldoran Guard Kjeldoran Knight Kjeldoran Phalanx Kjeldoran Royal Guard Kjeldoran Skycaptain Kjeldoran Skyknight Kjeldoran Warrior Lightning Blow Lost Order of Jarkeld Mercenaries Order of the Sacred Torch Order of the White Shield Prismatic Ward Rally Red Scarab Sacred Boon Seraph Shield Bearer Snow Hound Swords to Plowshares Warning White Scarab
Arnjlot's Ascent Balduvian Conjurer Balduvian Shaman Binding Grasp Brainstorm Breath of Dreams Clairvoyance Counterspell Deflection Dreams of the Dead Enervate Errant Minion Essence Flare Force Void Glacial Wall Hydroblast Iceberg Icy Prison Illusionary Forces Illusionary Presence Illusionary Terrain Illusionary Wall Illusions of Grandeur Infuse Krovikan Sorcerer Magus of the Unseen Mesmeric Trance Mistfolk Musician Mystic Might Mystic Remora Phantasmal Mount Polar Kraken Portent Power Sink Ray of Command Ray of Erasure Reality Twist Sea Spiritq Shyft Sibilant Spirit Silver Erne Sleight of Mind Snow Devil Snowfall Soldevi Machinist Soul Barrier Thunder Wall Updraft Wind Spirit Winter's Chill Word of Undoing Wrath of Marit Lage Zur's Weirding Zuran Enchanter Zuran Spellcaster
Abyssal Specter Ashen Ghoul Brine Shaman Burnt Offering Cloak of Confusion Dance of the Dead Dark Banishing Dark Ritual Demonic Consultation Dread Wight Drift of the Dead Fear Flow of Maggots Foul Familiar Gangrenous Zombies Gaze of Pain Gravebind Hecatomb Hoar Shade Howl from Beyond Hyalopterous Lemure Icequake Infernal Darkness Infernal Denizen Kjeldoran Dead Knight of Stromgald Krovikan Elementalist Krovikan Fetish Krovikan Vampire Legions of Lim-Dl Leshrac's Rite Leshrac's Sigil Lim-Dl's Cohort Lim-Dl's Hex Mind Ravel Mind Warp Mind Whip Minion of Leshrac Minion of Tevesh Szat Mole Worms Moor Fiend Necropotence Norritt Oath of Lim-Dl Pestilence Rats Pox Seizures Songs of the Damned Soul Burn Soul Kiss Spoils of Evil Spoils of War Stench of Evil Stromgald Cabal Touch of Death Withering Wisps
Aggression Anarchy Avalanche Balduvian Barbarians Balduvian Hydra Barbarian Guides Battle Frenzy Bone Shaman Brand of Ill Omen Chaos Lord Chaos Moon Conquer Curse of Marit Lage Dwarven Armory Errantry Flame Spirit Flare Game of Chaos Glacial Crevasses Goblin Mutant Goblin Sappers Goblin Ski Patrol Goblin Snowman Grizzled Wolverine Imposing Visage Incinerate Jokulhaups Karplusan Giant Karplusan Yeti Lava Burst Mrton Stromgald Melee Melting Meteor Shower Mountain Goat Mudslide Orcish Cannoneers Orcish Conscripts Orcish Farmer Orcish Healer Orcish Librarian Orcish Lumberjack Orcish Squatters Panic Pyroblast Pyroclasm Sabretooth Tiger Shatter Stone Rain Stone Spirit Stonehands Tor Giant Total War Vertigo Wall of Lava Word of Blasting
Aurochs Balduvian Bears Blizzard Brown Ouphe Chub Toad Dire Wolves Earthlore Elder Druid Essence Filter Fanatical Fever Folk of the Pines Forbidden Lore Forgotten Lore Foxfire Freyalise Supplicant Freyalise's Charm Freyalise's Winds Fyndhorn Brownie Fyndhorn Elder Fyndhorn Elves Fyndhorn Pollen Giant Growth Gorilla Pack Hot Springs Hurricane Johtull Wurm Juniper Order Druid Lhurgoyf Lure Maddening Wind Nature's Lore Pale Bears Pygmy Allosaurus Pyknite Regeneration Rime Dryad Ritual of Subdual Scaled Wurm Shambling Strider Snowblind Stampede Stunted Growth Tarpan Thermokarst Thoughtleech Tinder Wall Touch of Vitae Trailblazer Venomous Breath Wall of Pine Needles Whiteout Wiitigo Wild Growth Woolly Mammoths Woolly Spider Yavimaya Gnats
Altar of Bone Centaur Archer Chromatic Armor Diabolic Vision Earthlink Elemental Augury Essence Vortex Fiery Justice Fire Covenant Flooded Woodlands Fumarole Ghostly Flame Giant Trap Door Spider Glaciers Hymn of Rebirth Kjeldoran Frostbeast Merieke Ri Berit Monsoon Mountain Titan Reclamation Skeleton Ship Spectral Shield Storm Spirit Stormbind Wings of Aesthir
Adarkar Sentinel Aegis of the Meek Amulet of Quoz Arcum's Sleigh Arcum's Weathervane Arcum's Whistle Barbed Sextant Baton of Morale Celestial Sword Crown of the Ages Despotic Scepter Elkin Bottle Fyndhorn Bow Goblin Lyre Hematite Talisman Ice Cauldron Icy Manipulator Infinite Hourglass Jester's Cap Jester's Mask Jeweled Amulet Lapis Lazuli Talisman Malachite Talisman Nacre Talisman Naked Singularity Onyx Talisman Pentagram of the Ages Pit Trap Runed Arch Shield of the Ages Skull Catapult Snow Fortress Soldevi Golem Soldevi Simulacrum Staff of the Ages Sunstone Time Bomb Urza's Bauble Vexing Arcanix Vibrating Sphere Walking Wall Wall of Shields War Chariot Whalebone Glider Zuran Orb
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