Akron Legionnaire Alabaster Potion Amrou Kithkin Angelic Voices Cleanse Clergy of the Holy Nimbus D'Avenant Archer Divine Intervention Divine Offering Divine Transformation Elder Land Wurm Enchanted Being Equinox Fortified Area Glyph of Life Great Defender Great Wall Greater Realm of Preservation Heaven's Gate Holy Day Indestructible Aura Infinite Authority Ivory Guardians Keepers of the Faith Kismet Land Tax Lifeblood Moat Osai Vultures Petra Sphinx Presence of the Master Rapid Fire Remove Enchantments Righteous Avengers Seeker Shield Wall Spirit Link Spiritual Sanctuary Thunder Spirit Tundra Wolves Visions Wall of Caltrops Wall of Light
Acid Rain Anti-Magic Aura Azure Drake Backfire Boomerang Brine Hag Devouring Deep Dream Coat Elder Spawn Enchantment Alteration Energy Tap Field of Dreama Flash Counter Flash Flood Force Spike Gaseous Form Glyph of Delusion In the Eye of Chaos Invoke Prejudice Juxtapose Land Equilibrium Mana Drain Part Water Psionic Entity Psychic Purge Puppet Master Recall Relic Bind Remove Soul Reset Reverberation Sea Kings' Blessing Segovian Leviathan Silhouette Spectral Cloak Telekinesis Teleport Time Elemental Undertow Venarian Gold Wall of Vapor Wall of Wonder Zephyr Falcon
Abomination The Abyss All Hallow's Eve Blight Carrion Ants Chains of Mephistopheles Cosmic Horror Cyclopean Mummy Darkness Demonic Torment Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore Fallen Angel Ghosts of the Damned Giant Slug Glyph of Doom Greed Headless Horseman Hell Swarm Hell's Caretaker Hellfire Horror of Horrors Imprison Infernal Medusa Jovial Evil Lesser Werewolf Lost Soul Mold Demon Nether Void Pit Scorpion Quagmire Shimian Night Stalker Spirit Shackle Syphon Soul Takklemaggot Touch of Darkness Transmutation Underworld Dreams Vampire Bats Walking Dead Wall of Putrid Flesh Wall of Shadows Wall of Tombstones The Wretched
Aetrathi Berserker Active Volcano Backdraft Beasts of Bogardan Blazing Effigy Blood Lust The Brute Caverns of Despair Chain Lightning Crevasse Crimson Kobolds Crimson Manticore Crookshank Kobolds Disharmony Dwarven Song Eternal Warrior Falling Star Feint Firestorm Phoenix Frost Giant Giant Strength Glyph of Destruction Gravity Sphere Hyperion Blacksmith Immolation Kobold Drill Sergeant Kobold Overlord Kobold Taskmaster Kobolds of Kher Keep Land's Edge Mountain Yeti Primordial Ooze Pyrotechnics Quarum Trench Gnomes Raging Bull Spinal Villain Storm World Tempest Efreet Wall of Dust Wall of Earth Wall of Heat Wall of Opposition Winds of Change
Aisling Leprechaun Arboria Avoid Fate Barbary Apes Cat Warriors Cocoon Concordant Crossroads Craw Giant Deadfall Durkwood Boars Elven Riders Emerald Dragonfly Eureka Fire Sprites Floral Spuzzem Giant Turtle Glyph of Reincarnation Hornet Cobra Ichneumon Druid Killer Bees Living Plane Master of the Hunt Moss Monster Pixie Queen Pradesh Gypsies Rabid Wombat Radjan Spirit Rebirth Reincarnation Revelation Rust Shelkin Brownie Storm Seeker Subdue Sylvan Library Sylvan Paradise Typhoon Untamed Wilds Whirling Dervish Willow Satyr Winter Blast Wolverine Pack Wood Elemental
Adun Oakenshield Angus Mackenzie Arcades Sabboth Axelrod Gunnarson Ayesha Tanaka Barktooth Warbeard Bartel Runeaxe Boris Devilboon Chromium Dakkon Blackblade Gabriel Angelfire Gosta Dirk Gwendlyn Di Corci Halfdane Hazezon Tamar Hunding Gjornersen Jacques le Vert Jasmine Boreal Jedit Ojanen Jerrard of the Closed Fist Johan Kasimir the Lone Wolf Kei Takahashi Lady Caleria Lady Evangela The Lady of the Mountain Lady Orca Livonya Silone Lord Magnus Marhault Elsdragon Nebuchadnezzar Nicol Bolas Paladia-Mors Pavel Maliki Princess Lucrezia Ragnar Ramirex DePietro Ramses Overdark Rasputin Dreamweaver Riven Turnbull Rohgahh of Kher Keep Rubinia Soulsinger Sir Shandlar of Eberyn Sivitri Scarzam Sol'kanar the Swamp King Stangg Sunastian Falconer Tetsuo Umezawa Tobias Andrion Tor Wauki Torsten Von Ursus Tuknir Deathlock Ur-Drago Vaevictis Asmadi Xira Arien
Al-abara's Carpet Alchor's Tomb Arena of the Ancients Black Mana Battery Blue Mana Battery Bronze Horse Forethought Amulet Gauntlets of Chaos Green Mana Battery Horn of Deafening Knowledge Vault Kry Shield Life Chisel Life Matrix Mana Matrix Marble Priest Mirror Universe North Star Nova Pentacle Planar Gate Red Mana Battery Relic Barrier Ring of Immortals Sentinel Serpent Generator Sword of the Ages Triassic Egg Voodoo Doll White Mana Battery
Cathedral of Serra Seafarers' Quay Unholy Citadel Mountain Stronghold Adventurers' Guildhouse Karakas Tolaria Urborg Hammerheim Pendelhaven The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale