Indestructibility Lightwielder Paladin Open the Vaults Palace Guard Rhox Pikemaster Undead Slayer Veteran Armorsmith Veteran Swordsmith Wall of Faith
Alluring Siren Djinn of Wishes Hive Mind Sleep Sphinx Ambassador
Acolyte of Xathrid Child of Night Howling Banshee Sanguine Bond Sign in Blood Vampire Nocturnus
Burning Inquiry Capricious Efreet Fiery Hellhound Inferno Elemental Magma Phoenix
Ant Queen Awakener Druid Bramble Creeper Great Sable Stag Kalonian Behemoth Lurking Predators Master of the Wild Hunt Mold Adder Protean Hydra
Gorgon Flail Magebane Armor Mirror of Fate
Glacial Fortress Drowned Catacomb Dragonskull Summit Rootbound Crag Sunpetal Grove
Gargoyle Castle

Plains Plains
Island Island
Swamp Swamp
Mountain Mountain
Forest Forest