Akroma's Blessing Akroma's Vengeance Ancestor's Prophet Astral Slide Aura Extraction Aurification Aven Brigadier Aven Soulgazer Battlefield Medic Catapult Master Catapult Squad Chain of Silence Circle of Solace Convalescent Care Crowd Favorites Crown of Awe Crude Rampart Daru Cavalier Daru Healer Daru Lancer Daunting Defender Dawning Purist Defensive Maneuvers Demystify Disciple of Grace Dive Bomber Doubtless One Exalted Angel Foothill Guide Glarecaster Glory Seeker Grassland Crusader Gravel Slinger Gustcloak Harrier Gustcloak Runner Gustcloak Savior Gustcloak Sentinel Gustcloak Skirmisher Harsh Mercy Improvised Armor Inspirit Ironfist Crusher Jareth, Leonine Titan Mobilization Nova Cleric Oblation Pacifism Pearspear Courier Piety Charm Renewed Faith Righteous Cause Sandskin Shared Triumph Shieldmage Elder Sigil of the New Dawn Sunfire Balm True Believer Unified Strike Wethered Wayfarer Whipcorder Words of Worship
Airborne Aid Annex Aphetto Alchemist Aphetto Grifter Arcanis the Omnipotent Artificial Evolution Ascending Aven Aven Fateshaper Backslide Blatant Thievery Callous Oppressor Chain of Vapor Choking Tethers Clone Complicate Crafty Pathmage Crown of Ascension Discombobulate Dispersing Orb Disruptive Pitmage Essence Fracture Fleeting Aven Future Sight Ghosthelm Courier Graxiplon Imagecrafter Information Dealer Ixidor, Reality Sculptor Ixidor's Will Mage's Guile Meddle Mistform Dreamer Mistform Mask Mistform Mutant Mistform Shrieker Mistform Skyreaver Mistform Stalker Mistform Wall Nameless One Peer Pressure Psychic Trance Quicksilver Dragon Read the Runes Reminisce Riptide Biologist Riptide Chronologist Riptide Entrancer Riptide Shapeshifter Rumaging Wizard Sage Aven Screaming Seahawk Sea's Claim Slipstream Eel Spy Network Standardize Supreme Inquisitor Trade Secrets Trickery Charm Voidmage Prodigy Wheel and Deal Words of Wind
Accursed Centaur Anurid Murkdiver Aphetto Dredging Aphetto Vulture Blackmail Boneknitter Cabal Archon Cabal Executioner Cabal Slaver Chain of Smog Cover of Darkness Crown of Suspicion Cruel Revival Death Match Death Pulse Dirge of Dread Disciple of Malice Doomed Necromancer Ebonblade Reaper Endemic Plague Entrails Feaster Fade from Memory Fallen Cleric False Cure Feeding Frenzy Festering Goblin Frightshroud Courier Gangrenous Goliath Gluttonous Zombie Gravespawn Sovereign Grinning Demon Haunted Cadaver Head Games Headhunter Infest Misery Charm Nantuko Husk Oversold Cemetery Patriarch's Bidding Profane Prayers Prowling Pangolin Rotlung Reanimator Screeching Buzzard Severed Legion Shade's Breath Shepherd of Rot Silent Specter Smother Soulless One Spined Basher Strongarm Tactics Swat Syphon Mind Syphon Soul Thrashing Mudspawn Undead Gladiator Visara the Dreadful Walking Desecration Withering Hex Words of Waste Wretched Anurid
Aether Charge Aggravated Assault Airdrop condor Avarax Battering Carghorn Blistering Firecat Break Open Brightstone Ritual Butcher Orgg Chain of Plasma Charching Slateback Commando Raid Crown of Fury Custody Battle Dragon Roost Dwarven Blastminer Embermage Goblin Erratic Explosion Fever Charm Flamestick Courier Goblin Machinist Goblin Piledriver Goblin Pyromancer Goblin Sharpshooter Goblin Sky Raider Goblin Sledder Goblin Taskmaster Grand Melee Gratuitous Violence Insurrection Kaboom! Lavamancer's Skill Lay Waste Lightning Rift Mana Echoes Menacing Ogre Nosy Goblin Pinpoint Avalanche Reckless One Risky Move Rorix Bladewing Searing Flesh Shaleskin Bruiser Shock Skirk Commando Skirk Fire Marshal Skirk Prospector Skittish Valesk Slice and Dice Snapping Thragg Solar Blast Sparksmith Spitfire Handler Spurred Wolverine Starstorm Tephraderm Thoughtbound Primoc Threaten Thunder of Hooves Wave of Indifference Words of War
Animal Magnetism Barkhide Mauler Biorhythm Birchlore Rangers Bloodline Shaman Broodhatch Nantuko Centaur Glade Chain of Acid Crown of Vigor Elven Riders Elvish Guidance Elvish Pathcutter Elvish Pioneer Elvish Scrapper Elvish Vanguard Elvish Warrior Enchantress's Presence Everglove Courier Explosive Vegetation Gigapede Heedless One Hystrodon Invigorating Boon Kamahl, Fist of Krosa Kamahl's Summons Krosan Colossus Krosan Groundshaker Krosan Tusker Leery Fogbeast Mythic Proportions Naturalize Overwhelming Instinct Primal Boost Ravenous Baloth Run Wild Serpentine Basilisk Sliklash Spider Silvos, Rogue Elemental Snarling Undorak Spitting Gourna Stag Beetle Steely Resolve Symbiotic Beast Symbiotic Elf Symbiotic Wurm Taunting Elf Tempting Wurm Towering Baloth Treespring Lorian Tribal Unity Venomspout Brackus Vitality Charm Voice of the Woods Wall of Mulch Weird Harvest Wellwisher Wirewood Elf Wirewood Herald Wirewood Pride Wirewood Savage Words of Wilding
Cryptic Gateway Doom Cannon Dream Chisel Riptide Replicator Slate of Ancestry Tribal Golem
Secluded Steppe Lonely Sandbar Barren Moor Forgotten Cave Tranquil Thicket
Flooded Strand Polluted Delta Bloodstained Mire Wooded Foothills Windswept Heath
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