Constructs are animated machines made by men or other beings, very often Phyrexians.


Phyrexian constructs


Dominarian constructs (from the Thran, and from Urza & Mishra)

Adaptive Automaton Adaptive Automaton Foundry Inspector Scrap Trawler



Mirran constructs



Kaladeshi constructs

Cataclysmic Gearhulk Torrential Gearhulk Noxious Gearhulk Combustible Gearhulk Verdurous Gearhulk

Mindless Automaton


Fioran constructs


Ravnican constructs


Zendikari constructs


Innistradian constructs


Bablovian constructs



Eldrainian constructs


Arcaviosian constructs


Kamigawan constructs


Faerunian constructs




Avuses and Skelions


Other constructs

Walking Ballista


Constructs from WARHAMMER 40K




Temporal constructs

Relic Robber Myriad Construct Dancing Sword Jan Jansen, Chaos Crafter Nimblewright Schematic Levitating Statue Kayla's Command Urza's Command Mishra, Eminent One Urza, Chief Artificer