Dogs (formerly Hounds) are medium-sized four-legged animals of any color. They are the domesticated cousins of Wolves and Jackals, although there are also feral dogs in the wild.

For the sentient dog-race, see The Ainok.



Two-Headed Cerberus Wildfire Cerberus Mogis's Warhound Hound of Griselbrand Underworld Cerberus


Companion dogs

Zodiac Dog


Elemental - Firehounds

Lava Hounds Fiery Hellhound Hellfire Mongrel Pyre Hound Karplusan Hound Rakdos Ragemutt Blazing Hellhound


Elemental - Electric hounds

Lightning Hounds


Other elemental hounds

Phantom Whelp


Guardian Dogs

Snow Hound Guard Dogs Gate Hound


Hunting Hounds

Patrol Hound Thraben Purebloods Elven Warhounds



Snow Hound Boros Mastiff Akroan Mastiff Encampment Keeper Warclamp Mastiff


Mechanical Dogs

Watchdog Leashling


Monster Dogs

Hollowborn Barghest



Mossdog Greater Mossdog Thrashing Mossdog


Phyrexian Dogs

Hollow Dogs Hollow Dogs Plague Dogs Caustic Hound Mortis Dogs Gore Vassal Corpse Cur Dross Ripper Immolating Souleater






Undead Dogs

Filthy Cur Ghost Hounds Vampire Hounds Hound of the Farbogs Thraben Foulbloods


Wild dogs and mongrels

Blood Hound Mad Dog Monstrous Hound Scrapyard Mongrel Mongrel Pack Wild Dogs
B-I-N-G-O Wild Mongrel Wild Dogs









The Ainok is a race of dog-folk present in Tarkir. They live in the mountains and steppes and specialized in archery and scouting. 

Champion of Arashin Ainok Tracker Ainok Guide Ainok Artillerist Longshot Squad Abzan Beastmaster Aerie Bowmasters Salt Road Ambushers Sandsteppe Scavenger
Ainok Bond-Kin Ainok Survivalist





The Lupari is a race of sentient dogs from the Universe of Dr Who



Lurking hounds

Jiang Yanggu Mongrel Pack Dog Walker Hunted Bonebrute Krovod Haunch Sophia, Dogged Detective