Elves are the green most well-known race. They live in every forest of the Multiverse, in deep contact with nature. They're usually friendly and well-tempered, but they're also prepared to fight any invasor if needed.


Argothian Elves


Havenwood Elves


Llanowar Elves

Imaryll, Elfhame Elite


Yavimaya Elves


Norwood Elves


Fyndhorn and Boreal Elves


Quirion Elves


Skyshroud Elves (Rath, later Dominaria)


Wirewood Elves from Otaria



Tangle Elves from Mirrodin


Ravnica elves: Silhana, Devarin, Simic et al

Coiling Oracle Coiling Oracle


Lorwyn sociopaths


Shadowmoor Paladins

Bloom Tender


Nayan Elves

Bloodbraid Elf Bloodbraid Elf Bloodbraid Elf


Zendikar Elves

Oracle of Mul Daya


Kaladeshi Elves


Fioran Elves



Eldraine Elves


Skemfar Elves (Kaldheim)



Duskenel Elves


Elves of Arcavios


Elves from the Forgotten Realms

Half-Elves of Faerun


Elves of Capenna

Back-Alley Gardener


Space Elves










Bloom Tender

Bloodbraid Elf




Elf summoners