The Soldiers are the better prepared for war, white creatures. They train with effort for years, and they have great discipline and sense of honor.


Soldiers of the Order (North Otaria), and renegades

Daru Soldiers (South Otaria)

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Razor Plains Soldiers (Mirrodin)

Icatian Soldiers

Defenders of Avenant

Foryis Force

Guards of Kjeldor

People of Zhalfir

Serra's Loyals

Benalish Soldiers

Alaborn Soldiers

Supporters of the Oracle (Rath)


Rath Stalkers

Eiganjo troops (Kamigawa)

Ravnica Peacekeepers

Mercadian Troops

Warriors of Keld


United Soldiers of Lorwyn and Shadowmoor

Bant Soldiers

Zendikar Soldiers



Soldiers of Avacyn


Abzan/Dromoka Soldiers


Other Soldiers


Chinese Soldiers


Soldier recruiters

Jirina Kudro Trynn, Champion of Freedom