Legends are unique people or creatures, with a known name. They've become famous for their acts or wonders. They're usually pretty powerful.


Dominarian Legends


Legends of Old Dominaria


Jamuraan Legends


Otarian Legends


Rathi Legends


Serra's/Phyrexian Legends


Chinese Legends


Ulgrothan Legends


Mercadian Legends


Mirrodin/New Phyrexia Legends


Kamigawa Legends



Ravi Legends


Lorwyn Legends


Alaran Legends


Zendikari Legends


Legends from the Blind Eternities


Legends of Innistrad


Legends of Theros

Legends of Tarkir


Kaladeshi Legends


Legends of Amonkhet


Legends of Ixalan


Vryn Legends


Shandalaran Legends


Fioran Legends


Legends from Kylem



Legends from the plane of mountains and seas


Legends from Skalla


Legends from Eldraine


Ikorian legends



Weird Legends


Bablovian Legends


TOHO Legends




Legends from elsewhere



Legendary objects, unique in the world, also exist.

Legendary Artifacts

Legendary Lands

Legendary Enchantments