Zombies are dead creatures of all kind brought back to life. They're black and normally evil, though they often don't have enough brain to think for themselves and are just some necromancer's puppets.


Lim-Dûl's Legion (later, Heidar's)


Stromgald Army



The Phyrexians


Defenders of Dominaria


Cabal Servants (Otaria)


The Nim (Mirrodin)


Golgari Living-Dead (Ravnica)

Dimir Spies (Ravnica)

Rakdos Cultists (Ravnica)


Grixis Undead


Nulls, slaves of the Zendikar Vampires


Skaabs and Ghouls of Innistrad


The Returned of Theros


Amonkhet: The Anointed


Amonkhet: The Cursed of Wandering


Amonkhet: The Eternals





Zombie summonings