Charm School Double Dip Get a Life I'm Rubber, You're Glue Knight of the Hokey Pokey Lexivore Look at Me, I'm the DCI Mesa Chicken Miss Demeanor Once More with Feeling Prismatic Wardrobe Sex Appeal The Cheese Stands Alone
Wordmail Censorship Checks and Balances Chicken ā la King Clam Session Clambassadors Clam-I-am Common Courtesy Denied! Double Take Fowl Play Free-for-All Psychic Network Sorry
Big Furry Monster Big Furry Monster Deadhead Double Cross Handcuffs Infernal Spawn of Evil Jumbo Imp Organ Harvest Ow Poultrygeist Temp of the Damned Volrath's Motion Sensor
Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire Chicken Egg Double Deal Goblin Bookie Goblin Bowling Team Goblin Tutor Hurloon Wrangler Jalum Grifter Krazy Kow Landfill Ricochet Spark Fiend Strategy, Schmategy The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the CoastŪ Customer Service
Cardboard Carapace Double Play Elvish Impersonators Flock of Rabid Sheep Free-Range Chicken Gerrymandering Ghazban Ogress Growth Spurt Gus Hungry Hungry Heifer Incoming! Mine, Mine, Mine! Squirrel Farm Team Spirit Timmy, Power Gamer
Ashnod's Coupon Blacker Lotus Bronze Calendar Chaos Confetti Clay Pigeon Giant Fan Jack-in-the-Mox Jester's Sombrero Mirror Mirror Paper Tiger Rock Lobster Scissors Lizard Spatula of the Ages Urza's Contact Lenses Urza's Science Fair Project
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