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  Core Set 2020 Guilds of Ravnica
Dominaria logo   Ravnica Allegiance 
  Core Set 2019
  Ixalan logo 
  Rivals of Ixalan logo 
Shadows over Innistrad    Kaladesh 
Eldritch Moon   
Khans of Tarkir    Battle for Zendikar 
Fate Reforged    Oath of the Gatewatch 
Dragons of Tarkir   Magic Originis  
Return to Ravnica  M15 logo Theros 
Gatecrash    Born from the Gods 
Dragon's Maze  M14  Journey into Nyx 
  Dark Ascension 
    Avacyn Restored 









Conspiracy  Battlebond
Conspiracy Take the Crown  Commander 20132013  
  Commander 20142014 Modern Masters
Archenemy Commander 20142015 Modern Masters 2015
Archenemy Nicol Bolas Commander 20152016 Modern Masters 2017
  Commander 20162017 Eternal Masters
Commander 2018 Iconic Masters
Planechase 2012   Masters 25 
    Ultimate Masters 
    Modern Horizons 

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